Human Resources

Employee onboarding, retention, recruitment, staffing options, benefits management, policy and procedure drafts and implementation.

Business Administration

Basic bookkeeping, payroll administration, hours tracking, schedule management, invoicing, and other administrative tasks.

Customer Engagement

Managing incoming or outgoing phone interactions, scheduling client/customer meetings, social media content, and networking for your business.

We are your neighbors and friends focusing on being here for your business in North Georgia. We can take the stress of administering your business off your hands so you can focus on what you went into business to do! I have found that many business owners feel overwhelmed by the amount of data, reporting, and maintenance even a small business needs and when you start to grow, it multiplies.

From small tasks to large projects, we have your back! We are flexible in our services and can customize a plan for any size business or budget. Email us to find out what we can do to make your life simpler.

Amanda Petroff-Smith

My passion has always been building small businesses and non-profit organizations by providing administrative support and structure needed for smooth operation and less liability for the owners.

I'm an animal lover (especially my pup Nugget) and volunteer with several groups supporting animals and veterans of our military. I have 7 grown kids that claim me (we made it through the teen years with minimal damage) and a grandson who is an adorable toddling dictator who can do no wrong.

Message me and we'll have some magic-bean-juice (coffee) and chat about life!